New hard drive write protected

How do you turn off write protection in Win 7?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Please tell us more about your computer, make, MB, other HDD's on the machine, and this new HDD, Manufacturer, Model #, size SATA II,III.
    It's very unusual for a new 'raw' hdd to be write protected, unless something happened during partitioning and formatting.

    What steps did you take to add a partition or file system, and is it assigned a Drive Letter?
    You can't store any files on it, so you won't lose anything if it has to have its partition removed.

    Go to Disk Management, and list for us in the lower graphical section what it says under the Drive Status box (Disk 1, Basic, size, Online) or whatever it lists, and below the dark blue band, the Volume Status section, (DriveLetter, size, NTFS, Healthy(Primary Partition) or what it lists. Also if there is more than 1 partition, list them. The info may be different, which is important.

    That way we can get to the bottom of it.
  2. I tried this and it worked, in Windows 7. Start Cmd.exe as administrator, then:

    C:\> Diskpart

    DISKPART> list disk
    DISKPART> select disk (id)
    DISKPART> online disk (if the disk is not online)
    DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly

    Then I was able to manipulate the volume in Disk Management control panel.
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