Weird sound when the mouse in plugged in.

I have two problems actually.
1: my mouse is disconnecting and reconnecting all the time, I've tried different USB slots and it's in there good, I've also tried another mouse and it didn't disconnect but that leads me to problem number 2: The new mouse makes weird high pitch noises When it's plugged in, it changes tone when i'm moving the cursor and when it's standing still.

So basically "Mouse nr 1" is disconnecting all the time and "mouse nr 2" is making weird loud noises.

What might the problem be?
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  1. try with the 3rd mouse...
    see if similar problem appear...
  2. Yeah i'd like to use a third mouse but i'm afraid i don't have one.

    IMPORTANT: I was able to fix both of the problems by using a USB slot at the back of the computer, but i'm still wondering why i had those problems with the other USB slots.
  3. sometimes, usb ports on the front of your case is not reliable...
    check your cable connector from your mobo to the front case, maybe it doesn't plug correctly.
    I always use on the back one.
  4. The 1st problem seems to be due toa partially cut (internally cut) USB cable of the mouse.
    For the second problem , is this mouse cordless?
    If yes then the high pitch sound could be the RF interference caused by the wireless mouse . . .
  5. No they are not cordless
  6. If the noises came when the mouse was connected in the front USB ports, then it must a loose contact of the USB wire which goes from the front panel to the Mother Board.
    This also explains the 1st mouse disconnecting and reconnecting.
    The mouse was resetting due to power loss.
    The tone of the noise changes because when the mouse is moved, the power consumed by it is more. Hence the sparking due to the loose contact is higher causing a higher tone.
    Check the USB connector on the Mother Board . . .
  7. Wow, thanks that gave me the answers i needed ;)
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