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Hey everyone, noob here looking for help.
I am installing a second hard drive into my friends HP DV8000 laptop. There are two bays in the laptop for 2.5" PATA drives. The first drive (Fujitsu 100GB) has Windows XP Home installed on it already. It had a jumper from the factory, set on "Cable Select."
I have installed a 250GB WD Scorpio (storage drive) in the second bay. The BIOS recognizes the new WD but does not show the original Fujitsu. I took off the jumper on the Fujitsu and put it in the slave spot on the WD. This still shows the WD as the only drive in the BIOS.
Any thoughts on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Does the Fujitsu drive have a master jumper setting on it. If so try that.
  2. If cable select doesn't work the right way then just swap the drives positions. Put the Fuji in the WD position.
  3. Christop - The master setting on the Fujitsu is not supposed to have any jumper on it at all.
    Supermuncher85 - What would I do with the jumper when I swap drives? Leave it in CS on the Fujitsu? Or swap it on the WD? Both show to leave the jumper off when using it as the master
  4. I would keep it at CS for the moment. Switching the positions should solve the problem though, unless the WD is set as master.
  5. I switched them and it only saw the WD hard drive. :/ Put the jumper on the Fujitsu to CS, slave and also took it off to see if there was a difference. With the Fujitsu in the 2nd slot I put the jumper on the Western Digital's CS and slave slot...but ends up with the same result. (Only recognize WD)
  6. Do the drives show up in the bios?
  7. only the WD shows up.
  8. Did you set the WD to dual (slave)?
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