Should Oblivion really be running so slow on this setup please any tip

Ok Trying to run Oblivion on a Phenom X2 550, Ati Radeon 4870 1GB, 4 gigs duel channeling gskill ram,Corsair 750 Watt powersupply (7200 rpm Hardrive defraged). I can dramatically lower all settings to get it to run 50ish fps. With everything maxed on 1920 by 1080 it runs 10-15 fps. I've tried every possible tweak guide and mods I could fine and boosted it up to 20ish (though in cities drops to 10 no matter what). It is filled with lots of mods and if I disable them all gets up to 25ish FPS. Also it appears to only be using around 44% of the processor? Also video card/processor don't even slightly run hot... maybe luke warm...
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  1. using this driver Xtreme-G 9.8 Win7-Vista32 incase someone thinks that's the problem :-?
  2. tweaks i've tried so far....

    disabling cool n quiet, ini settings crap loads of them.. shutters, texture mods, speed enhancing mods like stream line (i uninstalled it after it didn't help but made it look like crap), though i have another one called stutter remover that helped A LOT (made the crappy 15 fps tolerable by stopping the stuttering, i've tried compatibility for vista/xp. Is there a common problem with one of my components with Oblivion I don't know about?
  3. My guess is that it is software related. You should be getting like 100 fps with that rig.
  4. yea that defently sounds like software man... compatibility issue maybe?
  5. It is only going to use about 1/2 of a dual core processor since it is mostly single threading. I have the treakguides suggestions applied and the large texture replacements (and a ton of other mods) and it runs fairly well on my 4850 1GB. HOWEVER, that is at 1280x1024 On the Tweakguides website Obilivion guide they tell you how to open the Oblivion debug console. One of the pages in that tells memory usage (texture). I noticed significant speed reductions when that number exceeded the ram on my old 512MB card (which is why I went to a 1GB card). Still it can get close, and at your much higher res that could be the problem.

    What do you mean by Xtreme-G 9.8? Is that something besides the stock ATI driver?
  6. ya and it was 64 bit version not 32 that was a typo ^_^. I tried switching to the "stock" driver and get around 25 fps now :-?

    It's at least playable it just feels kinda weird because of games that display better graphics have higher fps.
  7. oh and the game has issue running on vista just for your heads up. I had tried it on a 64 bit os and 32 bit os. is native made for 32 bit os system. you are not the only one. try to defrag. sometimes that helps.
  8. Is that 25 outdoors on high settings? If so, that is fairly reasonable. Indoors you should get 60+. I haven't played mine in a little while (which is on a 64 bit OS, Vista 64) though so I don't know my exact FPS (and due to all the mods on mine, they aren't directly comparable, but I thought it was 30's outside and 60+ indoors)). Part of the problem with Oblivion is that it is getting old. Some of the ways they did things just don't work well and obviously it can't take advantage of the new optimizations that have come out since.
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