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So I have a bit of a decision to make. After all my college is paid for this year I will be receiving a refund check each semester for roughly 1900$. This is money above and beyond ALL college expenses that I owe them. This check will come in roughly the same amount for 2 semesters. I plan to buy a TV with a decent home theater system and then a nice computer with water cooling.

My question is since it's possible for DX11 cards to be coming out and there are new i5 processors coming out and some i7 and the new P55 motherboards and all that good stuff.... would it be a better idea to just wait until second semester to build the computer? I was really pumped about building a new computer but then I thought "I'm already playing all the games I want on Max or 1 step below Max, and there aren't any groundbreaking games coming out that I won't be able to play" and this really changed my mind on the situation. My current rig is an 8800gts 640mb, 3gb of DDR400 ram, an AMD Athlon 64 4200+ overclocked to about 2.8ghz. It does suprisingly well and I can even run Crysis on High at 1920x1200 (the res I play at)

So realizing this I started thinking about getting the TV first, a nice Sharp Aquos 52" TV with an Onkyo Home Theater in a Box. I know of the "banding" issues and I've seen them and they don't bother me too much so I'm not worried about the banding on Sharp TVs. And I'm not a huge audiophile, I just like the idea of having a decent surround setup using a receiver and having a nice remote for it all.

So the question is..... does it seem like a good idea to wait until around Mid January 2010 to build a PC? I just can't quite seem to make up my mind, I wish all the major computer companies could just be like "YES this is what we will have released by this date at these prices!!!" that would make this easier.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. well you could start by slowly upgrading your current system psu an case prices dont change much so it could be a start so you can get a case you like and add a power supply you can use in your future rig but i would suggest having a look at how hardware pans out after thanksgiving
  2. I did think about slowly upgrading as I will be working but I already have the case I plan to use (An antec 900 with reversed hard drives and holes cut for wiring) but what I am thinking about doing is slowly buying the watercooling as that changes at a MUCH slower pace and I plan to have a 1000$ watercooling that will last for hopefully many years. Keep in mind this is all a big enthusiast things, I have as much fun building, setting up and overclocking a computer as I do actually using it.
  3. Ya upgrade slowly with the GPU the prime candidate once your frames seem sluggish for future games
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    If your computer does what you want at a speed you find acceptable, there is no point in upgrading it. If you have other things to purchase; TV, receiver, water cooling gear, etc, then get that instead.
  5. I know it seems like a completely pointless question, especially how I described it all out. I guess for me it just seems a bit harder to answer because I am very interested in computers and it's nice to have the newest and best technology, mine is a bit lacking but still not horrible. Seems like I will be getting a TV though, the longer I wait the better the parts that will be available. Thank all of you for your input. I figure I will buy my way through watercooling as I get paychecks and make the big PC purchase around mid January maybe a bit later if promising parts are coming out.
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