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I have bought a Nikon Coolscan LS-30 on ebay. The seller says that it was working when he sent it but I cannot get it to work. I have installed the Adaptec SCSI AVA-2902E/1 board into the computer plugged in the scanner and istalled the programme from the CD supplied. When I bring up the programme I get a message saying Nicscan is unable to detect any devices. I am on windows XP home edition. As the scanner and SCSI card or fairly old do i need drivers.I have spent hours trying to locate driver on the net without success Help please
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    I'm not so sure that there is a 'driver' as such for the LS-30, it's controlled by an application via the SCSI interface, this can be the NikonScan software or Vuescan. How is your SCSI set up, this will need drivers for the SCSI card, and you'll need something called ASPI, which is a layer between XP & SCSI to be able to communicate with the LS-30 under XP. If the SCSI set up is correct the systen should be able to 'see' the LS-30, without any driver being present.

    Another thing is that the LS-30 requires a firmware update to be able to use NikonScan 3+, this is also available from Nikons web site.

    So you need to give a few more details about what you can & cannot do. Does the systen see the scanner in device manager? Do you have ASPI installed ? Once you can see the scanner you should be OK, try downloading the trial of Vuescan & see if that can operate the device.

    I've been where you are with a used LS-30 that I couln't get to work, it turned out to be dead anyway but I learnt a lot trying to get it to work.

    Helpful? All credit goes to nick bryans at He posted in response to the same problem, and the issue was resolved.
  2. Just a thought - did you turn on the scanner BEFORE turning on the computer. I have winXP and the scanner works fine, but it needs to be turned on before booting the computer.

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