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Hi Guys

I want to buy a new computer for I7 1156 socket(2.8 GHZ)... and I want one that support USB 3.0 (for future) ... but i'm confused right now, for which ram speed should i take , since there are corsair (2*2gb with 1600) and another one with (2*2gb with 2200 G.SKILL) all with the same price which one should i take ??

Seconed, I heared that there is some motherboard that have some issues with the ram socket that not all the socket works just 2 of 4 works. Also, I heared that there is some that have a loud noise.... furthermore, there is some mother board have issue when the usb 3.0 works that reduce the speed of the pci to 8x...

So, I'm really confused .. which one should i take ?? Thanks alot
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  1. Get a motherboard with native USB 3.0 support. I suggest the ASUS P7P55D-E lineup. It also has SATA 6Gbps, so that's an added bonus. This motherboard has no fans, only heatsinks, so the noise will come from whatever fans you place inside.

    As for the memory, go with the 1600 MHz one. The 2200 MHz one runs above 1.65 volts (IIRC), which is dangerous for i5/i7 processors.
  2. Thank u very much bro.... I'll take ASUS P7P55D-E pro ;)

    Thanks alot
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