Pioneer bd-rom bdc td03 rs

will not work. Shows error code 19 in device manager. Ive used it twice. Its a brand new laptop. Please help.....??
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  1. A Code 19 error is caused by one or more issues with parts of the Windows Registry that contain driver and other information about the particular hardware device.

    Have you tried to uninstall it in the device manager and reboot the computer ?

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  2. You also might have to delete the upper and lower filters in the registry if the above suggestion doesn't work .
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  4. how do i delete the upper & lower filters??? thanks so much for your help
  5. nevermind I figured out how to delete them and error code 19 is gone & says the device is working properly..... but still having problems.... its not playing blu-rays and normal dvds arent playing well. (all the discs ive used are brand new) not sure what to do now. please help< thanks so much=)
  6. What software are you using for playback?
  7. You need Blu-ray software to play Blu-ray discs !
    What blu-ray software do you use?
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