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Hi, New to the forum and have a question. I work for a company who has dial up..(home based) I have the ability to work from home as long as I can network into her computer from my lap top to get the work done. Dose anyone know if this can be done and if so, how would I go about it? I also saw something about a VPN?? Not sure what that is or how I can fing out if that works or not.

Any help that you can give me would be awesome


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  1. Yes you can, but how you said, you need configure a VPN on your home PC. Also, you need have permission in the work network for you can connect to this, in other words, be an VPN user.

    After that you have the permission to connect, is easy. In your home PC connect to internet, after connect to the VPN and you automatly is connect to your work network. Find your work PC and start to work, or donwload the documents that you need, or e-mails...BUT remember that your work PC must be have activate the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"
  2. Thanks for getting back to me.......ok so how do I configure a VPN? This is all new to me, so I dont know if I have to purchase anything, or just walk thru a process of steps? Any help would be awesome!!

    Or is there a website or reading material that will literally walk me step by step thru this process?


  3. VPN setup requires a VPN server to connect to, in other words the company who you work for must already have this equipment at their offices - if they dont, you wont be able to connect.

    There are mutliple different types of VPN software, although Windows has options built in to it, many companies opt for 3rd party more specialist solutions - you're best talking to your companies tech support and having them set it up for you.
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