RAM frequency differentials?

I'm almost done with my first computer build. I have everything in except the RAM. I tried starting the PC just to get to the BIOS but it won't turn on. I have a power signal on my motherboard and that's about it. I've tried putting the jumper cables from the case onto the motherboard in different pins. It won't turn on even when i press the power on button on the motherboard itself. I have 4 gigs of DDR2 800 RAM in currently, but the motherboard recommends DDR2 1066. I didn't think there was a minimum requirement for RAM on a motherboard. So my question is, since it's not using the recommended RAM speed, is this what is causing the PC not to power on?
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  1. Your RAM should work just fine at that speed.

    At the very least you should get some beeps from the speaker connected to the motherboard. Those beeps are POST codes.

    If you do get the beeps you can look up the codes for your BIOS and figure out what is wrong.

    If you don't get the beeps then there is a problem with the motherboard, or power supply.

  2. It's very likely to be mobo or PSU, but it could also be your RAM. Nothing to do with the fact that it's 800Mhz.
  3. yeah i'm hoping the mobo isn't DOA, or neither is the CPU :/
  4. shameless self bump, go!
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