Desperatly need help recovering USB Hard Drive...

I recently must have unplugged 750GB WD passport portable hard drive while it was writing data, I guess.
Tried to mount and windows said 'disk surface corrupted - unreadable', however MacDrive warned of corruption and asked if I still wanted to mount...

BTW: formatted HFS+ w MacDrive laptop running Win Vista though.
- I tried Testdisk and started detailed scan. Took upwards of 2 hours for , 5% (total capacity 750GB)
- So I used R-Studio and scanned. Saved scan image (or whatever it's called)

--> I'm very overwhelmed by the extremely non-noob friendly manual... I read over and over, but this is advanced stuff that assumes the user has some frame of technical reference, I guess.

If drive is not physically damaged, which I'm sure it's not - because I can actually still access and even unrar campressed files on the drive.
*** How/what is next step to recover (using R-studio).

If anyone is willing to assist, I could post LOG text - if helpful...

THANK in advance,
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  1. I don't know about R-studio but you could try this one.
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