What do you do after you put together your computer?

So I put together everything etc etc. Then I power on the PC for the first time and I hear the POST beep. What do I do from there, do I just put in the OS installation disc and it automatically reads it or do I go to bios and do something?

I have a custom built PC my friend put together for me (I bought parts off newegg and he put it together for me), but this time I am going to put together my computer together for the first time. I have spent ample hours researching and looking inside my PC and reading manuals so I know where everything goes and I guess I know my stuff, but I never found out what to do when you boot up the first time.
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  1. You go into the bios, set your boot order so your optical drive is first, and set your RAM voltages and timings. Put the OS disk in the optical drive and save the settings and exit bios. It will then reboot and walk you through the operating system installation, it varies depending on the operating system.
  2. and when you set your RAM voltages and timing you set the voltages to 1.65 and timings to wat ever is labeled for the RAM?
  3. no, you set the ram timings and voltages to whatever the ram requires, depending on your ram kit the voltage settings will be very different. If you have a dual channel OCZ kit they tend to require 1.8 or 1.9, if you have a triple channel kit they will always require less than 1.65. Just set the timings and voltages to what ever the manufacturer specifies.
  4. oh ok thnx for help
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