So, my first overclock...I think I am stable!

Hey guys,

Due to having a crappy mobo I was only able to get my core i5 760 to 3.8ghz with ram at 1600mhz, but I'm very happy with the improvement.

My rig has passed..

16 hours small FFTs with Prime
16 hours Blend test with Prime
50 passes of IBT @ maximum

And for the real world testing (most fun) I used the only thing I really use my PC for, gaming...6 hours of battlefield 3, and about 5 hours of DCS A10.

Everything has been fine, no issues or crashes...I know some people say you need 24 hours, but I dont fold or do anything other than game...My maximum temps across all testing were..63oC on my CPU, 53oC on TMPIN2 (Northbridge I believe) and a general MOBO temp of 25oC.

So what do you think, can I get rid of these tools and begin to enjoy my PC again?

Thanks also for all your help achieving my first OC, it is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Oh also, unfortunately I don't have access to any CDRs and can't make a copy of MEMTEST. This is why I have not run this test!
  2. You just built a new computer and you have no CDR blanks or blank USB drives?
  3. Hey - had this pc about a year!! My cdr drive is broken and I haven't yet replaced it. No usb stick either. I will buy them eventually.
  4. jsc said:
    You just built a new computer and you have no CDR blanks or blank USB drives?

    hahaha i thought the same thing. I was impressed, kinda like tony stark building the iron man suite in a cave then not being able to jump his car because he doesn't have cables.
  5. Oh nice OC. I would say you're good to go but once you max it out isn't it time to get a new one? How can you enjoy it without tinkering???
  6. If it runs fine even on high stress and high end games, don't worry about the rest...
  7. Memtest is a better app for finding faulty RAM, as opposed to testing RAM instabilities. Prime blend using 90% of your RAM is a better indication of stability.
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