Nvidia doesn't allow TV to be display?

I want my Gateway LX 6802 to display on my 42" Vizio tv. The computer came with an HDMI port, but the tv says "no signal" while connected by HDMI or VGA. I am unable to force tv detection in the control panel for the graphics card (an nvidia gt 230)because the option is greyed out. I have heard that you cannot have tv out with nvidia cards, especially if you have vista. Is this true? Is there any way to work around it?
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  1. I want to add that I think the problem is that the rigorous display detection feature in the nvidia control panel doesn't work. When I click it, it asks if I would like to enable a television connection, but when I click "yes", nothing happens. I am unable to select "force television detection" because this option is greyed out.
  2. Yes you can hook it up to a TV. I have 2 like that now well 1 is a projector the other is a 50 inch 1080p. My first thing to check is the 2nd Monitor optopn turned on? Right click desktop click options the find the monitor options. rightclick on the 2nd greyedout monitor then click attached anditwill showup and you csn choose res. Another thought make sure the TV is on the right input or you will never see anything.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I did figure out what was wrong. Although my computer was advertised as featuring 1 HDMI port, there are actually 2. I plugged into the one surrounded in neon orange proclaiming "HDMI"! But there was another I overlooked that actually came out of my graphics card. Oops. Plugged into that and it worked like a charm. Didn't need to set it up as a second monitor or anything.
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