Kingston v100 64gb Not recognized by Acronis?

Hey all,

I just bought a Kingston v100 64gb SSD. I currently have an Asus G73 notebook with one 500gb HDD in it plus a spare bay. I trimmed everything in that hard drive down to 55gb, with the intention of cloning it all over to the SSD then using the 500gb as a storage drive. Well, I popped in the SSD and it showed up in BIOS perfectly fine. I then booted to Acronis TrueImage software and it couldnt find the drive. I tried the Seagate variant with no success as well. I then just booted to windows, and I could find any indication that windows knew the drive was even hooked up.

Any thoughts or wisdom?
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  1. You may have to assign it a drive letter that is not in use by windows.
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    The same thing happened to me. The drive needs to have a partition on it before Acronis will recognize it. I mean a drive partition, not a data partition. I used Parted Magic on the SSD to set up a "msdos" drive partition, and Acronis found the drive with no problems.
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  4. Thanks for the help guys, its working fine now!
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