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Hey everyone,

For the last couple of months the sound through my microphone when I speak has comes out distorted to the point that I sound like I am some old chain smoker. My voice sounds completely off. I have changed headsets and tried different sound settings but to no effect. In the past my microphone has worked just fine so I am not entirely sure what is going on. I am currently using on-board sound, nothing fancy and a 2.1 speaker setup with a sub.

Does anyone have any idea what the cause of this problem might be?

Would a new soundcard fix my problems?

Could someone recommend a cheap but effective card that allows comparable performance to my on-board sound?

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  1. Probably an issue with your motherboard. The most obvious question is: have you updated your drivers? Especially those for your mobo's built-in audio?
  2. Hey r_manic, just updated the mobo soud drivers and it worked perfectly, thanks!
  3. You're welcome :)
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