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Hey all, just built my first computer and i'm having big problems with the internet on it.
I've tried it hard wired (which is what I want it to stay as) and i go "set up a new network" and it can't find any networking hardware and i've tried the family's usb wireless adaptor thingy but it has no installation cd so I used a flash drive to move it blah blah blah but it wont work either. I need the wired internet working more than wireless because I can't really use the wireless adaptor. I've tried resetting our modem and switching out about 4 different ethernet cables but still no luck.
Any ideas?
Thanks all
By the way all i've done software installation wise on my new pc is install nero that came with my dvd drive lol.
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  1. What OS do you use?, install the driver of the network port.
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