Usb drives not working but recognized as ok in device manager

I had to reinstall windows xp. Everything seems to be working fine except for usb ports. However, there is no evidence of a problem in device manager. The host controllers nor the usb root hubs have no yellow and black markings. Is there (maybe in registry) any where to go to make the correction? Thanks for any suggestions...Sally
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  1. have you loaded the service packs? I know that cured the same problem for me.

  2. what kind of usb devices are you talking about? printers, memory sticks, external hdd, mouse, keyboard or all together.
  3. yellow and black markings ???
    This indicates a fault with the USB drivers.
    Just install the drivers provided in the mother board CD.
    USB drivers are motherboard dependant so only the correct drivers will work ! ! !
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