Is my Mobo too old?

I have this motherboard: Biostar TA780G M2+

For some reason I cant get ANY video to display once I plug in my new Vapor-x Radeon HD5770 1GB GPU.
The mobo beeps once, when I boot it but nothing else. Is it possible my mobo doesnt support it? Do I need to make any changes in the bios or anything for it to work??

Thanks a ton. I need my baby to run. I don't have another PC to test the GPU on, (I'm using my laptop now)
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  1. I am having a hard time figuring out the beep code for your mobo. If you know the type of BIOS you have (Award, AMI) then look up the beep code, see what it means.
    Also, what kind of PSU do you have? Did you plug in the 6 pin adapter on the side? Try reseating it and reseating your memory as well.
  2. ok so I finally got it to work.....I hit the reset button and it works. If I boot normally it doesnt work. If I hit reset it works. It seems someone else has had the same problem. I dunno...
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