Asus P8Z68-M-PRO??????????

guys anyone does anyone have this board Asus P8Z68-M-PRO??????????
wanted to know if its a good board for overclocking and stuff as i could not find much reviews on it as i cant go for a higher board because of budget constraint.max budget is 10k.please tell me if there is any other good board in this range
i can either go for a 10k board now or say go for 5k h67 board and then upgrade say after a year to a better board guys whats say what would be a better choice am confused
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  1. but does it overclock well because i read somwhere its vcore it locked something
  2. bro you gae me the review of ASUS P8Z68-V PRO
    am asking about Asus P8Z68-M-PRO
  3. sorry bro that video didnt tell much about the overclockng is there anyone here who has this board as they would be of great help
  4. wow does no1 have this motherboard?????????????????????
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  6. i have this board and can overclock. if u do find an overclocking guide on the P8Z68-V PRO it is the same as the P8Z68-M PRO with overclocking
  7. thanks guys actually went ahead and got myself a better mobo z68a gd65 g3 mobo which i got only for 9k whereas this one was selling for 10.5 so the choice was easy
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