What's killing the video card?

I just built a system and the video card failed to even show the first post. I returned it and the tech confirmed the card was dead.

I went home with a direct exchange, popped it in and everything went along as it should but after a day of installing things I went for supper during a long download and came back to what seems to be another dead video card.

Video card: BFG Geforce GTS 250 OC
MB: Asus P5QL-Pro
PS: Antec True Power New 550W

What else should I be checking before putting in another video card?
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  1. Have you installed the RIGHT drivers? :D

    System good enough cooling? BIOS set to default?
  2. voltages
  3. you could have a short in the PSU or MB.
  4. Thanks to those who have replied so far. I have a little more information now. I pulled a Geforce 8400 from another machine. It did not even show POST in the new box but putting it back in the old one it worked fine. I can now at least hope that the second video card is ok. The 8400 does not have a direct connection to the PS and has minimal requirements for power in comparison so that isn't likely the problem.

    I can't really vouch for anything once the OS is up since it is Win 7 RC but they are the most recent.

    Cooling should be more than adequate but the monitoring software was the last thing that finished installing before I walked away so I can't confirm.

    The BIOS is essentially default, I turned off the IDE and turned on SATA hot swap support but that's all. I think I'll try clearing the CMOS anyway to tick it off the list.

    Voltages looked ok when I was browsing the BIOS settings but again the monitoring software was just up as I left.

    Things seem to me to be leaning toward the motherboard. Any more I can do to confirm that without the comparable parts to swap? Otherwise I'll probably have to take the whole box in and hope that I'm right.
  5. try to breadboard it first to make sure it is not shorting out on the case.
  6. Got busy and didn't have a chance to pursue this till now. I did try the breadboarding but that didn't do it.

    Clearing the CMOS did the trick though!

    I almost didn't try it because I really didn't do much with the BIOS settings. Windows 7 gave a very long message about not having saved settings because of a hibernation state. Maybe it went into a coma instead of hibernation but so far the hardware seems intact.

    Thanks to everyone for their support. I probably would have given up without having a list of options to try.
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