Power colour 4870 512meg video card in sli mode

Am building gaming computer & having prob getting them both working. Mother board is Asus PT6SE & video card is power colour 4870 512 meg & am using DDR3. Problem with crossfire link
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  1. Did you enable crossfire in CCC?
  2. Thanks heaps for your help but link is not getting detected at all. lead did not come with mother brs or graphics card & computer shop said mother brd supports???
  3. Yes, the SE supports crossfire, but you will still need a crossfire bridge to link the two cards.
  4. thanks heaps belial2k. Got my hands on a bridge and it picked it up straight away. Crossfire now working and & my first custom Gaming PC
    is on fire. Works great, fingers crossed. thanks & have good one. Catch you later.
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