Newbie about to overclock e6600, a few questions

According to cpu-z my cpu details are:
core speed 2400mhz
mp x9
bus speed 266.7mhz
rated FSB 1066.7mhz

Core voltage 1.328v

Ram details:
DDR2 4096mb
Dram freq. 333.3mhz

don`t know if there are other relevant information..

Gpu is gtx 460
Core 405mhz
Shaders 810mhz
Memory 1800mhz
Size 1024mb

Motherboard: Asus p5n e-sli

I tought about posting my full details if someone who knows a lot about this could give me instructions on what to change in BIOS, and how much. :) I`ve been trying to figure things out by myself and googling, but first of all I don`t know if I need to change something else if I overclock my CPU..
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  1. Or then if somebody can tell for sure it`s impossible to max out Skyrim with this setup, I`ll need to think about buying a new CPU+motherboard.. altough I maxed out Witcher 2, Crysis 2, etc..
  2. I am pretty sure that motherboard uses the nVidia BIOS.

    680i overclocking guide
    The 650i should have similar settings.

    This is pretty good except for the memory section. Always try to run your mem clock so you have a 1:1 CPU:RAM ratio. If you have the BIOS option, change the memory settings from Auto to Linked.

    I was able to get an E6600 (2.4 GHz Conroe) up to a stable 3.6 GHz in my eVGA 680i motherboard.

    This also has some things for you to try.
  3. Thanks a lot, will check out that article and see what I can do. I was only able to AI overclock 20% (which was the max AI..) to 2.88ghz, but I didn`t realize how to do it manually. Tried to raise multiplier by 1 (from 9 to 10) but reverted it instalty because computers start-up screen was a bit odd. Going to check out that article now. :)
  4. The quide you posted jsc was really helpful.

    I`ve got one major issue tough; I can`t adjust my voltages the same way it`s done in the quide:
    In my BIOS I only have like 3-4 options on voltages, none of them are similar to those in the quide, they are V Core and something else.. :/ And the adjustable voltage amounts are beyond my understanding, they start from 1 * 600000 v ending to 010000 v or something, and then 0 * xxxxxxx I don`t even know what do the 1 and 0 stand for, not mentioning the strangely high numbers.
  5. Tried overclocking with "auto" voltages, 2.9ghz and blue screen after booting windows, returned to normal after that and don`t know what to do.
  6. i have the exact same motherboard and had that exact cpu. if you can put the vcore offset voltage to +100mv thats a good start, this board suffers from vdroop, meaning whatever voltage you set, drops under load, so you need a little extra voltage. I managed to get mine to 3.24ghz with vcore set to 1.325 and vcore offsett to +100mv. Just monitor your temps with hwmonitor and make sure they dont go over 65C. But just because my vcore settings worked doesnt mean it will be the same for every board and cpu.
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