HP Pavillion m8070uk motherboard failure

Hello, HP Pavillion makes 1 long and 1 short bleep on start up - i have replaced hard drive and vga card under advice and now been told it is the motherboard that needs replacing. Do I need to use HP motherboard or is there an alternative? If so, could you please recommend? thanks
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  1. If you want to reuse your hp windows installation, then yes, get another hp motherboard. Your board has the Intel 965 chipset; I recommend a micro atx board. I may have found your board; there is an P5BW-LA Basswood UL8E listed at 65 euro on ebay. If you don't need to save your hp windows software, then a g41 board from newegg or frys should work. Frys has a g41 combo in stores only with Intel e6300 cpu for $69.99 in today's ad. You can sell the cpu for about the same price and keep the motherboard. I do this all the time.
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