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I have a HP Pavilion dv7-4065ei. It is pre-installed with Windows7. I was fine with everything, but then I tried to install ubuntu onto a partition that I created. I booted the disk with ubuntu and installed ubuntu. Except when I installed ubuntu, I by mistake installed ubuntu on one of the hard drive partitions that held the windows installation. Now my windows is all messed up. The computer does not boot into windows and I have to interrupt the computer when it is booting and make it forcefully boot under ubuntu. My Questions:

1. I know how to remove my laptop hard drive and connect it to a desktop using a usb. I have the bridge available to me. However, when I connect it, it shows on my desktop as one drive, which has no format. Windows on my Desktop automatically asks me to format the drive, which I don't want to. Not untill I recover my files. I wanted to know, why the drive does not show on my desktop all partitioned like it does when I boot into ubuntu using the hard drive when connected to the laptop. I want to be able to just back up my files from the laptop's hard drive onto windows desktop which is also connected to a Samsung G3 Station. Any help ?

2. As for installing ubuntu onto one of the windows partition, it formatted my drive and I lost my data, any way to recover it ? If so, how ?

Hope to hear from someone, I am in desparate need.

If you need any more information please do ask

Thank you so much every1.

Kind Regards.

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  1. Your HP should have come with a recover partition which can be used to recover you hard drive and put it back to original condition. Unless Ubuntu also removed that partition. . .

    Also, some USB adapters only allow Windows to see the first of multiple primary partitions. And Windows does not understand your Ubuntu partitions so they are ignored.
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