Computer freezes while playing wow...

Here are the specs

amd 550
4x1 giel pc 6400 ram
asus m4n78-pro
evga gtx 260 core 196
700 watt rosewill psu
500 gig seagate 7200rpm hd

I built this computer and it was running great. I did a reinstall of vista 64bit and reinstalled wow. It freezes during game play. I did another reinstall. Still freezes. I took off the heatsink and reseated it with new thermal compound instead of the crappy stuff that comes on the stock cooler. After that I updated the bios because I realized that the motherboard needed a bios update to run the amd 550 (phenom II). After doing this I still had the same copy of wow installed and it started to run fine. It has been running fine for a week and now its starting to freeze again. Everytime i log onto a character on wow it freezes. Thats the only game I play and it runs all desktop and everything else fine. any suggestions on the issue?? Please help Im having a lot of trouble figuring this out. By the way, I have the right video card driver installed as well. When I run wow on high settings it gets a memory error and shuts down after a while. could this have something to do with it? Ill try switching out the ram but every time i fix it it seems to work for a while then start to freeze up again...
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  1. Usually freezing problems have to do with your RAM.. So look into that!
  2. It could be a driver issue. Go to the motherboard mfgr website and download the latest drivers there instead of using the cd if you haven't already. Do that for the video card and any other components you may have installed.

    I'm leary of that psu. Rosewill makes other decent components but power supplies aren't one of them.

    You could also run memtest for a few passes to see if it shows any issues.

    Its either a driver or your ram. (possibly psu) but check everything else 1st. If all is good then pick up a good power supply (corsair brand or pc power and cooling) and install it and see how it goes.
  3. I do not play WoW, but a friend of mine does. He says there are problems with WoW and 64 bit Vista peacefully coexisting.

    Google something like "wow 64 bit vista problem".
  4. If that's the case, right click on the WOW game icon on your desktop and choose to run as administrator. I had a similar problem with Command and Conquer Generals and found out if you did that it would run. It may not be that simple for your case but its worth a try. You may also try right clicking on the WOW game icon and going to properties and search for the option to run in Windows XP mode before running as administrator...
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