CPU Temperatures, HWMonitor, and Fan Speed Questions.

Hi Folks,

Before I ask anything, here is the image I shall be referring to.

Having shown that, I have a couple of questions.

1) I've read online somewhere that the Core Temperatures (of the four cores) are not to be counted on as they are not accurate at all. I should trust TMPIN0 instead, is this true?

2) TMPIN1 and TMPIN2 represent the Northbridge and Southbridge, the hotter of the two being the Northbridge. Am I right with this?

3) Is an idling Northbridge of 40C too hot? Is there any number I should use as a ceiling?

4) I run a HAF-922 case, and both FANIN1 and FANIN2 are both 200mm fans with RPMs of up to 800 I think. Having said that, why is the front fan constantly underpowered to spin at a mere 470 RPM? I've never seen it go higher than this value. The only way I can make it spin at the same value as the FANIN2 is to disable the mobo fan control in the BIOS. This doesn't make sense though, why just one of the two 200mm fans? It would be nice if I could get the mobo to constantly reel in more air at higher RPMs without having to disable the mobo control.

Just in case if you guys are wondering if it's a power issue, I'm running a 400W Corsair PSU.

Thank you for your time guys =)
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    Thanks, that helped a lot!,

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