Does it matter how you get your CPU speed?

There is one thing that i need to i know the basics of overclocking but i would like to know if there is any difference of how i put my fsb and multiplier if they equal out to be my desired results?
like i currently have my computer running at
217x13=2821 with ram speed of 352.6
now three is still moving room for my ram to be increase.Its ddr2-800
now would its be possible just to put it to
255x11=2805 with a ram speed of 400?
or is there a difference between the 2.
im just using them as an example would be running ram little lower for assurance of speed.
its a locked multiplier so i canto increase it any more then 13.
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  1. I did forget to say i have my pci asynce from the fsb and locked at default speed.
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    There isn't any difference performance wise if you change the multipliers so the end clocks on the northbridge/RAM are the same. Overclocking the FSB allows you to have a higher NB/RAM speed though, so that is a bonus for it.
  3. It doesn't matter as long as you don't go much over 400, you may get stability issues with your ram if you were to go much over.
  4. alright so there will be no way of doing damage from increasing the fsb and lowering the multiplier like that or heat up more?
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