Bizarre overclocking behaviour

So i'm stuck. Re-posting in the hope of a reply.

I overclocked a little while ago. All I changed was the core multiplier (to 43) and the memory setting (to x.m.p). It works fine.

but if I leave the computer shutdown and disconnected from power, when it restarts it loads the settings from a failed auto-tune software overclock, the overclock fails and it dumps me in the bios.

Why is this? I can restart over and over and my manual clock settings stick.

i5 2500k
asus p8p67 pro
thermalright mux120 cpu cooler
8gb corsair vengance memory

cooling and power seem fine.


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  1. bios up to date? is it possible the battery on the motherboard is dead?
  2. You might look at this, or just Google that MoBo and look at the problems.
  3. Thanks guys - still no joy.

    I doubt mobo battery is dead - it doesn't reset to default settings but to some random settings it did once via a failed auto overclock awhile back.

    Do I need to clear the cmos? How do I do that and is it risky?
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