Question are these the same thing as barbs sorry still new to cooling want to make sure i have my bases covered
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  1. Barbs and compression fittings are just two types of fittings to keep your tubes attached to your blocks w/ no leaks.

    The link you shared displays compression fittings... Both kinds work well, it is just a matter of preference.

    Here are some barbs...
  2. I have some examples of both in the WC sticky and an explanation on how to determine correct sizing.

    Link is below.
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    Either fitting will work, because the EVGA block (like almost all WC components) uses G1/4 threaded fittings. As long as the fittings and components you're looking for use G1/4 threading (not all of them are - I've seen some G3/8 floating around), they'll all be compatible.

    To preempt any questions about threading/G1/4:

    Explanation of the letter 'G':
    Specs of G1/4 threads:
  7. the compression fittings i bought are 3/8s
  8. The size of the tubing that the fitting works with is different than the threading of the fitting. They make fittings with all kinds of diameters that still use G1/4 threading.
  9. Per the WC sticky-

    Tubing and Fittings

    Tubing can be as generic as the hardware store vinyl tubing at your local Ace Hardware or as complex as the Feser, Primochill, Masterkleer or Tygon. All of these brands are very flexible and come in most commonly used ID and OD tubing sizes for watercooling. If you are needing some good bends made, consider getting good tubing, but understand most is upwards of $1.50-$2.50 per linear foot.

    Fittings are one that cause a lot of confusion for most newcomers. Here is a simple way to understand the terminology that accompanys each:

    I.D. - Inside diameter, most commonly referring to the ID of the tubing to be used. 1/2"ID means that wall to wall, the inside of the tubing measures 1/2" (metric is also used and is measured in millimeters or mm)

    O.D.- Outside diameter, similar to the ID, the OD simply is the measurement of the tubing through the cross-section from one side of the outer wall to the other.

    G1/4" - This is the one that confuses the most people. This refers to the threaded fitting standard that is used by almost all waterblocks and radiators. It is the end of the fitting that gets screwed into the block or rad; the other end of this same fitting is measured with the I.D. standard for tubing size.

  10. That's where that went! I knew I saw those somewhere...
  11. so yu are saying it wont work
  12. What do you mean? They will fit on that card, you just need 3/8"ID tubing to work with them.

    G1/4 is the threaded end of the fitting...the side that gets screwed into the card, rad, pump, etc. This is the same regardless of the OD size of the barb or fitting (see my info above).
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