What is the fastest SSD on the market

Im planning on buying one so I was wondering which one is the best one to get.
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  1. The fastest ssd's on the market are designed for use by very large businesses. They are not designed for consumers, gamers, and enthusiasts. Consumers cannot afford them. Last time I checked prices started at $10,000.00.

    What will you be doing that requires the fastest ssd on the market?
  2. Renice say they have the world's fastest mSATA SSD.

    check here: http://www.storagereview.com/renice_x3_msata_ssd_review
  3. Gambol - The mSATA ssd's are "mini" PCIe based ssd's designed for use in tablets. Their performance doesn't even come close to what is available for full size PCIe based ssd's designed for desktops and servers.
  4. Yeah, I think we all know the OP was referring to consumer class SSD's not NASA gear.

    The fastest SSD out right now is the OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS edtion and Patriot is about to release one called Wildfire, which is the same thing as the MAX IOPS with only a different PCB. With OCZ however you can be assured of constant firmware updates and development.

    Hope it helps!!
  5. metawin said:
    Yeah, I think we all know the OP was referring to consumer class SSD's not NASA gear.
    Hope it helps!!

    Your choice of vertex is good, but I still have to agree with JohnnyLucky. We cannot recommend a ssd for bamdaman90 until we know what interface and what price range. Some pci-e ssd are affordable and they are definitely faster than the sata based one.
  6. metawin - The Patriot Wildfire uses brand new firmware that is different than OCZ firmware. Looks promising. It could be a very serious contender if no issues develop.
  7. This will be the fastest SSD available once released (outside of the enterprise drives JohnnyLucky discussed)... http://www.anandtech.com/show/4382/computex-2011-oczs-revodrive-3-revodrive-3-x2-now-with-trim

    I'm interested in seeing if the Patriot is hit with the BSOD, as a lot of the Sandforce 2200 controllers have been. Here is a review... http://www.anandtech.com/show/4341/ocz-vertex-3-max-iops-patriot-wildfire-ssds-reviewed
  8. Good ole Revo drives.

    I wish they started lower than 240GB @ $600 and I did not plan on RAID 0 two Vertex 3 120GB (which would be cheaper and just as fast btw) or I would defiantly own one those over a SATA.

    Also if you are like me and have 2 GPUs and a dedicated PhsX card or just a crossfire or SLI setup you may run out of PCIe slots if your MB does not support it. I already have a tuner card and a sound card, so if you have other add on cards too, it may get tight in there.

    There is also case airflow to consider.

    It depends on your setup and price range, which as I am sure you can tell by now, would be good things to list whenever you make a post here as you will get better answers to your questions if the posters know these things.
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