Need help WC core i5 2500k

ok so im trying to OC the cpu to 5Ghz or 4.5gz :pt1cable:

budget range for cooler 115$ i think that's enogh since im only cooling the cpu

ill be happy with TEMP's below 65C on load :lol:

hear are my thoghs

100H corsair or thrmealrght silver arrow? or a onther better WC?

the case is NZXT phantom all fans installed my room temp is around 20 with AC below 20 mype 15 lol im freezing

MOBO msi gen 3 mobo MSI Intel Z68 (G3)

and if the H100 sucks as most ppl say then y ppl buy it :heink:
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  1. I have H100 for 3month now but don't have any problem and keep it cool so well~
    Reviews are very user likely. and search h100
    feedback then mark Verified Owners - most of all people like it~ ^^
    However H80 is also really great W.C. cooling unit.
    Good luck with your Water Cooling system~
  2. humm 120$ for my push pull and that will kepp it in rang or 70-65c then im buying it!

    hears how ill do push pull in 200mm fans at top with corsair stock fans they are good right but how much RPM ? i need like 2000 RPM fans lol
  3. You can get the XSPC RASA kit. Either the RS240 or RX240 kit will do for a CPU only loop. You can easily search it on
  4. only the RS240 is on amazone so yah is it better then H100? if yah bye bye H100 hello RS240!
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    The RASA kit is better and has a lot of room for future upgrade. If you can get the RX240 kit from other online vendor the better because it has the thicker rad and cools more efficiently.

    Try reading this.
  6. ah i see tyvm but the Q is dose the kit come with full tuping

    Hose Fittings
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  8. Rasa kits start around $130 for the RS240 kits. I highly suggest these over the H100.
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