Display issues

My setup:
i7 920
6gigs ram
BFG 275 gtx oc2
Samsung 2343bwx
Windows 7 RC

When playing games I notice a lot of screen tearing some issues with not being able to see things when they are really bright. Like windows with light coming in them you can't even see much of anything. I'm wondering if this is due to slow refresh rates on these monitors or driver issues with Windows 7 RC. I'm seeing a max refresh of like 60kHz and often listing on the display of 40ish kHz. Anyone use these monitors and experience this? I'm thinking about bringing them back and going with an Asus VW246H or VH242HL-P. I'm just looking for the best gaming monitor under $220 that will replace my old Samsung SyncMaster 225BW that recently stopped working.
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  1. Have you updated to the latest video drivers? And Correct for your OS?
    Usually, the max refresh rate is 60hz, not khz.
    I have used the Samsung 2253LW and It's AWESOME! I would definitely recommend that monitor.

    Oh and did you OC your video card or Turned AA and AF up? Because when I had my 8800gt I have experienced screen tearing when AA/AF was turned up, and much less when I bought my 4870x2.
  2. I have the latest drivers for video card. I could not get one for the monitor to update though it seems to recognize it fine. No AA or AF on.

    The horizontal refresh on the other monitors are listing at 30-83KHz and the vertical is listing at 50-75Hz

    I'm getting no where near that even if I turn the resolution down. So I'm wondering if it is just the monitor and that is why it was $189 with a 2048x1152 resolution. The best refresh seems to be at 2048x1152 which is pretty high to be playing in games if the game even supports it.

    I have been happy with Samsung LCDs until this one.
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