Will I lose quality HDMI to VGA cable?

I've got a Hannspree HF259H 25" (24.6 viewable) monitor with both VGA & HDMI hookups on the back. It also came with a set of cables one VGA to VGA and the other HDMI to DVI. Now my video card (BFG GTX 285) has a pair of DVI outs. Now I want to have both my computer and 360 hooked up to my monitor at the same time and be able to switch back and forth through my monitors settings. I'm going to be running an HDMI cable from 360 to the HDMI plug in the back of my monitor and will be running a VGA cord from my monitor to the VGA to DVI plug at my video card. Will there be a noticeable loss running it like this as opposed to the HDMI to DVI direct cable?
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    Nothing major unless you're running long distances (over 10ft) from the computer to the monitor.

    There's more of a theoretical difference than a practical one.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!
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