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Hi friend,

I have a KVM switch that has PS/2 keyboard and mouse sockets and connects to PCs via PS/2 aswell . it can connect two PCs.

The problme that i face is:

I have a PC with a 1- monitor, 1 - keyboard and 1- mouse this is my main PC
I have another PC that has 0 - monitor, 0 - Keyboards and 0 - mice so only the CPU...

I need to view the files in it using my main PC without making a network connection. How do i do this using a KVM switch?

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  1. I would say "RTFM", but that would be rude.

    You should have a booklet or docs on CD.

    Because it is a two port switch, you are either going to have two sets of cables or two sets of sockets to connect two computers. You will have a third set either separated a little or marked differently for you keyboard, video monitor, and mouse.

    Instructions will tell you how to switch between the two computers.
  2. Unfortunately i dont have the instruction book, but it's of abrand called


  3. Well, there you go. Google is you friend.
  4. cheers
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