Oc genie lite not working correctly?

Hey guys i have the MSI 890fxa-gd65 mobo and decided to try the oc genie light feature and was very happy with the results..It took my phenom 2 X4 970 black edition from 3.5ghz to 4ghz i built this rig to game and after i saw the benefits of overclocking id like to run overclocked all the time.Problem is i have to go into my bios and enable this feature every time i start my pc because its not saving my settings,and it sets my bios to default after i shutdown after oc genie has been enabled.Is this normal?I tried using oc genie the other day and it took me to 3.6ghz instead of 4ghz.I'm not to sure if im using this the rite way and i don't know how to overclock manually.I like this feature but hate having to constantly play with the bios Any help would be appreciated thanks..


amd 6990

amd phenom 2 X4 970 black edition

890FXA-GD65 mobo

8gb XMS3 ddr3 corsair memory

900w antec lancing psu

cooler master haf case
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  1. All my temps are good as well i have allot of fans and airflow going through my case
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