AGP x8- Radeon HD4670 vs Radeon 9550?

PC specs:

Brand: Compaq Presario SR1563CL
Motherboard: unknown >.<
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.41ghz
PSU: 500-550w, not sure of brand since only bought it to replace the factory psu that went bad.
GPU: ATI Radeon 9550 256mb AGP x8
RAM: 1.5gb pc3200 ddr
HDD: 250gb WD or Seagate i forget.

only games i really play are Final Fantasy Online and i wanna try out Aion.. but i know i shouldnt bother to even try Aion with my 9550... im sure itll be a huge upgrade i think for a AGP pc anyways... but i just wanna make sure.

so.. would upgrading to these allow me to play Aion? even if its on like low-med graphics

HIS Radeon HD4670 1gb AGP 8x

and to 2gb ram (only ram i can find).. think this ram would work on my pc/mobo?... dont know much about the pc's motherboard other than its socket 754 and agp x8...

RAM #1

RAM #2
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  1. 4670 will blow it away, i had a 9550 in my old system, i have a 4850 in my new system which is stronger than the 4670 but the difference between the 9550 and the 4850 was amazing, i expect the difference between a 9550 and a 4670 will be equally amazing.

    Get the gskill stuff, it appears to have really tight timings, where as the timings on the geil seem screwy.
  2. Take this card instead of HD 4670.

    ATI Radeon HD 3850 DDR3 512MB:

    The reason is that it is cheaper and that 1 GB ram on 4670 will be a total waste.That card is not powerful enough to handle 1GB memory.

    Take that GSkill ram .It is quite a trust-able brand .
  3. I would never put a 3850 into a compaq, the power supply wont last with that level of load on it, the 4670 doesnt require additional power.
  4. Agreed, stick with the HD4670 which is far easier on the power supply for just slightly less performance than the HD3850.
  5. i dont have the factory PSU in the pc anymore, its a different one i bought from compusa store
  6. Which one? The 3850 isnt exactly power efficient, especially not compared to a 4670.
  7. not exactly sure of the brand... box is packed away atm. nothing special though, or anything like antec / corsair etc. its 550w though
  8. found the psu i replaced the factory 1 with since i didnt need anything exspensive for the pc..
  9. I still wouldnt risk stressing it out if its not a good brand, the corsair 400CX is better than many 550 watt PSUs.
  10. 32Amps on 12v rail huh!
    Pretty nice for a no brand PSU.

    BTW the 3850 is cheaper than 4670 while performing the same.
    And you don't wanna spend A LOT for an AGP rig.
  11. which 1 would perform better? not too worried about the extra 10-20$ between 3850 and 4670 just want whichever one is better.

    edit: nevermind just read post again saying the 3850 performs better then the 4670? and that the 1gb ram on the 4670 is useless?
  12. the 3850 is better, but it may be bottlenecked by your CPU, you appear to have already OC'ed it which will help but you still may not be able to unleash the 3850's full potential,2395.html
  13. i havent oc'ed the cpu and dont even know anything about how to OC. the cpu has the stock fan/heatsink on it still
  14. Ah then it was just the older numbering scheme that screwed me up. The 3850 will almost certainly be bottlenecked by it then as it was by the one in that review.
  15. only got like 250$ to try getting gpu+ram.. and i think i need a new dvdrw cus mine wont burn keeps getting errors... dunno if theres anyway to get a better mobo/cpu even if its out dated compared to new stuff... thought i seen some combos before that were cheap. anything would probably be better than what i got atm
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