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Am having a problem with Hot Date where when I take a sim downtown, and have
them eat in the restaurants, they kind of stick in the seats and I have to
quit without saving...

It happens in all of the restaurants, and I usually create my own, but using
maxis objects only, no downloaded stuff downtown...

I got the patch from the maxis website for Hot Date, and Unleashed

Anyone can help?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.the-sims (More info?)

    I'm not much help, but I had a problem when I was playing Hot Date that
    if the sims on a date had a 3 course meal, only the first course would
    be served, they would eat that but the plates were never taken away, so
    the remaining courses never arrived, meanwhile my sims would be stuck
    waiting for a meal, while their needs drifted ever lower and lower...

    Meanwhile all the townies would have their 3 course meals and head off
    to dance till dawn.

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