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Good Afternoon all, new guy posting here. Trying to build my new rig here and have most parts picked out, seeing what the group thinks. Build as follows:

- AMD Phenom II X3 720BE (Hope to get into the overclocking game :)

- ATI XFX 4870 1GB

- Corsair HX620

- G. Skill 4GB DDR3 Ram 1600 lat 9


- Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB SATA

- Samsung Black 22x DVD Burner SATA

I am having a pretty difficult time choosing a case. I have my choices narrowed down to the Lancool PC-K62 or the SilverStone Raven RV02. I could look at another case if there are any suggestions but Id like a window and superb air flow (case not to exceed $180.) I would eventually like to crossfire my system possibly when the new series 5xxx makes an appearance. I would also like to add water cooling eventually. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. go for the corsiarTX 750 watt it will be worth it in the long run so you can crossfire and be able to support the 5xxx series also for the case go with a antec 900 or 1200
  2. Building very similar computer.
    I am new to it so i can not provide advice but had a Q. Why did you pick that mobo vs. 790fx by MSI or Asus crossfire III
  3. +1 for the 750TX, this keeps the xfire options open, and its not much more than the HX620.

    I think the Antec 900 is a great case for its price, amazing airflow, has the side window, and its constructed well. Another option is the Coolermaster HAF series, they are popular choices and are well made.


    Antec 900:
  4. Leb: I was actually looking at that TX750 as an alternative to the 620 but what peeked my interest about the hx series is the modular feature. I could possibly go with the HX750 but it is a little pricey (though I may bite the bullet anyway). As for cases, tbh the antec cases internal setups look very plain - most of all the drive bay being fixed.

    kwarde: I went with the m4a79xtd mostly due to pricing.
  5. Modular is nice , especially if you have a small case and theres no room to stash unused cables but other than that its a bit of a gimmick.

    You dont need a 750 watt psu though . 650 would be plenty for that rig . Either an antec or the 650 tx corsair both save you enough money that you could upgrade to a 4890 without pushing the cost of the build up .
    I guess whether thats worth it depends on your monitor resolution .
  6. as for cases: ive heard a lot of good things from owners of antec cases. they just dont appeal to me mostly due to the fact that the hard drive bays are fixed where you cant face them out (i.e. lancool pc-k62). i also looked at the haf series but one disadvantage is that they dont have air filters and no "window". i do greatly appreciate all the suggestions and am def looking forward to more.

    other: is there much difference between the hx620 and 750 tx other than the obvious wattage? is the only difference the fact that you dont have all the cables hardwired with a modular psu?
  7. outlander: i guess you just answered my question as for modular vs non lol so that would bring me back to case choice..big case i can do tx series without any hassle. smaller case could be dicey. as for monitor and video card, i do currently only have a measly 19" viewsonic from 05 i hope to upgrade from. i did choose the 4870 per the new series from ati coming out soon but i had originally chosen the 4890. also, does anyone have any distributor preferences for ati cards? i heard xfx is good due to warranty length
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