My laptop is overheating and shuting down and i cant change the cpu speed to default in the bios. The fan isnt working at all...please help :cry:
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  1. Have you tried cleaning out the air intake for the fan? Why can't you change the cpu speed , did you overclock it ? Can you get a laptop cooler ?

    Logisys Computer Ultra Black Aluminum Laptop Cooler Model NP8BK

    This is just an example of what I mean.
  2. If your fan isn't spinning at all it's either become unplugged some how, or it has died. Open it up and make sure its still plugged in, and/or replace the fan. (new fan units for your laptop are available on ebay I'm sure.) If you need to replace you'll need some new thermal paste.
  3. I have opened the back and dont see anything that even looks like a fan..and yes have cleaned it.
  4. There is a heatsink with a fan in it somewhere under there. I thought you knew where it was because you said it wasn't spinning anymore.
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