Can i put any amd processor in my motherboard 754 socker

can i put any amd processor in to a 754 socket motherboard
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  1. only 754 pin processors, you will also want to check the motherboards compatability list to make sure which CPU are supported.
  2. NO YOU CAN NOT PUT JUST ANY PROCESSOR IN THAT IT HAS TO BE A 750 and your mother board has to support the voltage of the processor in question.... is it am2, am2+ or am3? they are all differnt but most am2 boards dont support am3!!!! some am2+ support am3...
  3. Ummmm..... The 754 Pins Are All First-Generation Single-Core, Single Channel Only, So A Socket 754 CPU Will be Your ONLY Choice, There Are Also Socket 939s, They Are For The DDR Only Second Generation Single-Cores And First Generation Dual-Cores AMDs

    HOWEVER All Sockets Since Have Been 940 Pins Not "750" (AM2, AM2+, AM3)

    AM2 And AM2+ CPUs Will Work In AM2+ Slots (And USUALLY Vice-Versa But That Depends) Socket AM3 CPUs Will Work In Socket AM2+ Slots But Not The Original AM2 If I Am Not Mistaken, Also I Think There Are A Few AM3 Only CPUs But Im Not Entirely Sure
  4. oh yea i forgot about the skip to 940.. all i have been paying attention to is the am2,am2+,and am3(it makes it easer when buying) I personally have a phenomII quad core (deneb edition) 3.0ghz AM3 on an Gigabite ud4 board supporting am3

    Yea 750 was last generation. you should probable invest in a new mobo if you are looking to upgrade.
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