AMD Cores Unlocking??

AMD is selling dual core cpu which can be unlocked to triple or even quad cores... but seems there is a catch. :??:

AMD locked the cores not to offer a feature but because the cores havenot met the quality control tests. then is it not true that these unlocking could cause your system to be unstable or even worse??

is it worth the risk??
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  1. Yes unlocking cores can cause the system to become instable and crash, it is sort of a win win or a lose lose

    win win you get a stable unlock and u get a full fledged quad core or triple core when u only bought a triple core or dual core, respectively

    lose lose you don't get the extra core(s) and then ur processor dies because the locked core caused the whol processor to malfunction and overheat/corrupt etc.

    then u have win lose you don't get the core but u still get to keep the processor because the corrupt core didn't damage any other part of the CPU.

    really it is up to you, do u want to spend 100 on an Athlon II and risk losing it? or do you want to win the lottery and get a full fledged Deneb?
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