HELP!! Confusion on PWM Y-Cable

Hi everyone! I am the beginner of playing DIY on my own computer. I have searched the PWM Y-Cable in the market, they are only using in the mainboard. The PWM signal input from the mainboard is used to control a series of connected PWM fans for optimal performance in noise and cooling.

Now I come up some questions that need someone can fixed my confusion.

1) Why the PWM Y-Cable just used in mainboard, not in graphic card?
2) Is it necessary to input the signal from the GPU and make the RPM of VGA cooler and case fan at the same speed?
3) If it makes sense, why I cannot find the PWM Y-cable for graphic card?

That’s all I want to know. Thanks~
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  1. There are two processors in a computer , the cpu and the gpu. The cpu is the main processor and therefore the case fans are for cooling it and the components around it. The gpu being on the video card is a self contained unit and the fan or fans on it are for cooling just the gpu and the other parts of the video card. So there is no point for the case fans and the video card fans to be running at the same speed they are going to produce heat at different times for different reasons. So that is why you are not going to find a pwm y-cable for a graphic card.
  2. Becasue I found someone to use the case fan to cool down the GPU, but i cannot find the pwm y-cable or other solution to fix it.
    you can click the following link, and select the images. you can see the stuff i want to do.
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