399:799 or 400:801 ?

Evening all,

I'm in my BIOS atm and am working on OCing my E8400 from 3.00 GHz to 3.60 GHz. I wanted to set my:

FSB Frequency to 400
and my
DRAM Frequency to 800

but it seems not possible. Instead, I have 399:799 or 400:801 which is not 100% synchroneous. Having DDR2 800 MHz memory, should I go 399:799 to make sure I don't bust the 800?

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  1. Which of those is stable? There isn't almost any difference between both
  2. This is my 1st attempt of changing the bios. I'm in it atm (using a 2nd computer to read various guides and repond here while doing it)
  3. Both should be stable without problems, but if that won't happen keep the stable one. As I said, there's not almost any difference.
  4. K thx. While I have you here, Tom's guide ( http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/259899-29-core-overclocking-guide ) says I should just leave VCORE as well as the other voltage options on AUTO for my 1st attempt. Is this a good way to go? Seems legit :)
  5. You leave the vcore on auto to check if can be stable without change the voltage, you can try it but if it's not stable you need rise the vcore voltage a little for get it stable.
  6. Makes sense. I will leave it on auto since I installed an aftermarket CPU fan (CM Hyper N520).

    Will let you guys know how it went.

  7. ok, let me know the results ;)
  8. Ack one more question.

    Should I enter the standard values for the following instead of leaving them on AUTO?

    CPU PLL Voltage
    FSB Termination Voltage
    DRAM Voltage
    NB Voltage
    SB Voltage
    Colck Over-Charging Voltage

    I understand about the CPU Voltage but wouldn't it be dangerous if by leaving let's say DRAM Voltage on AUTO it would automatically bump its voltage so high that it would damage my memory?
  9. For the voltages you list, Auto will simply select factory default values. Other settings will not cause them to change. You can make small adjustments to improve stability, but you should know what you are doing when you do change them.
  10. Ok thx.

    I sorta have 2 threads running on this (main thread is called: My E8400 overclocking project).

    Think you could transfer the posts in here over to that thread? If not, maybe just delete this one as I'll continue in the other one.


    p.s. I launched Prime95 (blend test) *crossing fingers*
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