Crucial M4 or corsair Force 3 SSD

Business non gaming computer - looking probaby for fast random reads - no long streaming. Lots of open windows and data retrieval (not huge blocks) Obviously the big difference is the controllers on these. The Vertex 3 is out as the Crucial and Corsair each are priced about the same and below the OCZ. Which is better the 256GB M4 or the 240GB Force 3
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  1. Hi there,

    They are all good! The June issue of Maximum PC (not online yet) reviewed 6 latest SSD's. Corsair was not reviewed & I see a Corsair Recall or their 120GB Force Series 3 SSD, for Stability Issues.

    The AS SSD Read speeds of their reviewed ones are:
    OCZ Vertex 3 506 MB/s, Crucial m4 = 407 MB/s, Intel 510 = 483 MB/s, Plextor M2 = 387 MB/s, OCZ Vertex 2 6Gb/s = 208, Ocz Vertexl 3 3Gb/s = 267.

    Hopefully that will give you a basis for comparison of how the latest stack up
  2. Yes, but those are sustained reads. I will need quick random reads and access times as most of my usage is multiple programs, multiple windows across multiple monitors and then the time to open the next window and load the data, doc, http etc that is needed.
  3. Anandtech review (For C4, but also shows others in relationship). Link is to random performance.
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