New Build, Fans working, No Post, No bios

hey guys, i am putting together my new build. I made sure all the hardware is compatible and are moving the psu, the hard drive, and the ram from a working computer into the new build. i am sure all these are working peices and completely compatible.

When i turn the computer one, the LED lights all turn on, the fans inside start turning, but there is no BIOS loading

is my motherboard. (onboard video card to test with)

I have a feeling that i cannot transfer hard drives from a stock dell to a new build gigabyte. Would this cause the build not to enter bios? (switching the hard drive)

Things i've tried

swapping ram into every slot in every combination
Bread boarding by building outside the case
using bare minumums.
Using all componenets
PSU is plugged in in both spots
PSU is plugged in to the wall
Monitor is in perfect working condition

Is it my hard drive or my motherboard or worse yet, my cpu?
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  1. Try removed your memory, do u hear any beeps??
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