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So I have a very basic question. I'm not big into overclocking and such so I have always used the stock fan/heatsink combo to come with my processors. Now I'm running an AMD Phenom II 810 AM3 Socket processor and I'm just curious how would I know what heatsink/fan is compatible. I mean what would I look for in the specs of a heatsink/fan combo to know it would work with my processor? I'm not really looking for anything giant or fancy, I just need to replace the stock heatsink/fan the 810 came with because the fan is screwless and its loose causing rattling during gaming. I wouldn't mind if someone points me to the exact stock item. Thanks
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    Here are a few cheap options for you if you aren't going to OC.

    Personally I would go with the bottom link. It's cheap, and it'll do a good job for you
  2. Thanks a lot man, for future references could you inform me on how I would know which ones would work on my CPU? Do I look for them by socket type?
  3. No Problem.

    Yep, Just look by socket type. The heatsyncs will list what sockets are supported in their specifications.

    If you have what you need, please close the thread (by selecting a best answer).

    Good luck with your new heatsync!
  4. Thanks again guys! Your really helpful :)
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