Memory decisions (1600 or 1066)

This memory will be on an Asrock intel x58 extreme mobo with a xeon x5550 processor.

I am in the position to get 6gb ddr3 1066 ram for dirt cheap (30$?), or get 6gb of 1600 for 140 (after a rebate). How much benefit is the 1600 over the 1066? Will I see any difference in gaming now or in the future? I'm seeing mixed information. Do the 1600 rams come as 1066, just with the ability to OC to 1600? Also, I do plan on overclocking my CPU (stock is 2.66ghz)
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  1. nvm. going with 1600
  2. Where was that 1066 memory coming from? I have heard that I am better off with the conservative RAM if I want everything to work smoothly without tweaking settings a lot. I just want some sources and there aren't many - it seems.

  3. That's pretty much good advice, I'm running ddr3 1600, that comes stock at 1066. I haven't even bothered to bump it up, but on the flip side, when the rest of the hardware catches up to the speed of ram, you won't have to upgrade.
  4. Buy both and then resale the 6GB 1066 to recover part of the cost of the 1600
  5. I have to say that the numbering/labeling conventions for memory are really confusing.

    I talked to Crucial for a while today and they suggested buying the 1333-level sticks and leaving the voltage lower. I don't know if I'd be lowering it as an active step or just letting the board set the voltages by itself. (Gigabyte GA-X58A-3UR) 3 sticks x 2GB. I will not be gaming; I am building this for Photoshop work. Having 6Gig, a 64-bit OS, GPU acceleration, and a really fast processor will be an amazing uptick in productivity so I feel that the little bump I'd get from tweaking RAM at this level of detail would not pay itself back after time invested in learning, experimenting, trying different solutions.

    My 2 cents.

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