Sata harddrive freezing on start up

Ok well so what happens is the motherboard freezes when I turn it on its an American megatrends motherboard I have 4 sata ports all work as it picks up the sata hdd with no problem. Just some what freezes I press F8 to enter the bios and it says its loading but don't. Now I don't have any O.S. on it cause it wouldnt load. For me to install it I connected it to a different computer and it loaded fine opened the hdd because I had the hdd working before and or had old games on it. So I did a full format think this would work but still freezes on the other motherboard. And the cable works fine.
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  1. Can you enter the bios without the drive plugged in? If so, set it to defaults and try again with the drive hooked up.
  2. Yes tried that and wouldn't work I entered the bios did it and nope nothibg
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