New rig problems

Built a new rig

Intel i7 920
1000W Thermaltake PSU
4 GB Ram
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit
Direct X10

The computer doesn't want to install my USB LAN adapter, when I choose the quick shutdown the computer has a hard time shutting down however, when I choose shutdown from the sidebar it shuts down no problem. The system also has a hard time running every game. Even if it is Spore or Crysis the FR is always in the teens.

I've been playing with this for months with no solution. I have found that the RAM I am using (while small) is DDR3 1066 when the standard for the Mobo is 1600/1333. Could this be causing some of the problems? If anyone has experienced this could anyone tell me if it is the CPU, the GPU, or the RAM.
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  1. What are your idle/load CPU/GPU temps? Your CPU could be throttling due to overheating and hurting your performance.
  2. It could be do to you running dual channel memory versus triple channel that the i7 requires normally.
  3. Everything seems to run around normal temp wise. Its usually around 50-57 cel. The CPU usage even when running a game is only around 20%. I am only running dual channel memory, does the i7 really need triple?
  4. Is the 50C - 57C at idle or load? That's way to high if it's idle.
  5. Those temps are high for 20% core usage. It should be around those temps at full load on a non-overclocked CPU.

    To utilize the true power of the i7, you should run triple channel. You can run dual channel but it will hurt your performance overall.
  6. It runs from 50-57C no matter what it is doing, its strange. It doesn't seem like anything is working harder to run something it just half-asses things.
  7. Its definitely heat throttling then, make sure your heatsink is properly seated with the push pins down and locked in place. Some day intel will move on from the push pins.
  8. Could be, its the most reasonable problem I've heard. But how come I hear of other computers including friends idling in the 60's and load in the 80's.
  9. Wow, because your friends dont understand how to install a heatsink, your CPU provided that it has not been overclocked should idle at most 20C above room temperature, generally room temp is 20Cish, 60C is more than my CPU hits at load. Depending on their CPU it may run hotter but the max safe temperature for an i7 is 62.7C according to intel.
  10. Wow before I make myself sound even more like a newb what could be causing this? It's on perfectly, the pins are in and everything. Could the thermal paste be causing all of *** because its pretty much gone now. If not what are some other solutions?
  11. Every time you take the cooler off, you need to reapply the thermal compound after cleaning the old stuff off.

    And to help reduce CPU temps, here's a pretty good <$50 cooler:
    Xigmatec Dark Knight
  12. Yeah - you may want to buy new paste and re-seat the cooler (or buy a new cooler), especially if you have already attempted re-seating.

    New paste is cheap (less than $10 for good stuff).
  13. ok so i tested the temperatures

    Idling Overall:high 50's
    All cores Idle from mid to high 70's

    After playing crysis for nearly 20 minutes (or at least trying to.) all the temperatures seemed unchanged.
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